Five areas where the small business owner should hire a marketing consultant

Marketing today is difficult. It requires technical knowledge and the ability to analyze data – something that you, as a small business owner, probably do not have the time or resources to do.


Five areas where the small business owner should hire a marketing consultant

Succeeding as a small player in today’s marketing landscape often feels complicated and overwhelming. But, with the right people in the right place, it doesn’t have to be that difficult at all.

Here we list five reasons why you as a small business owner should hire a marketing consultant to get your marketing up and running – once and for all!

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1. Social media is a must

You want to: Activate your social channels and interact with followers (meaning, potential customers).

What you need: A Social Media Manager.

The positive thing about the ongoing digitalization is that you, as a small business owner, easily can reach hundreds of thousands of potential new customers, through advertising on social media. With adequately optimized ads, it doesn’t even have to cost that much! Luckily for you, skilled social media managers are not hard to find nowadays. With such a resource, you get to take full control of both your organic (what you haven’t paid for) content and help with creating sharp ads and campaigns that hopefully generate clicks to your website, new customers, and followers. Social media is a must-have today, and social media advertising is an excellent opportunity to reach out to a large crowd for a low cost. So, make sure it’s done correctly with the help of a consultant.

2. The use of data

You want to: Be able to use your visitors’ behavior to make the most out of your marketing.

What you need: An analyst.

Data, data, data, everywhere, data! And it’s not for nothing. Access to data allows you to personalize e-mails, ads, and other digital marketing. Today the consumers are picky, and a simple “Hello, Lisa!” instead of just “Hello!” can make a difference in Lisa’s attitude towards your brand (in a positive way). Demographics and consumer behaviors are worth a lot in terms of how you can benefit from it in your marketing. Yes, data is the future of marketing. However, analyzing data is not something you quickly do overnight – it requires a real analyst to do the job.

3. Be creative with content

You want to: Promote yourself through interesting articles and create knowledge and awareness about your business in an inspiring way.

What you need: A Content Manager.

Content marketing has completely exploded in the last couple of years. Content marketing means that you are marketing your brand through editorial content (i.e., articles or videos) that leads to your site. Usually, you boost and market the content through social media and Google. Content marketing is an excellent opportunity to educate and tell customers about your services in a more creative way, that doesn’t feel like advertising.
and running – once and for all!

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4. Appear with the right keywords

You want: Rank high on Google when searching on specific keywords.

What you need: An SEO/SEM specialist.

Working with keywords is definitely worth the effort. Of course, you want to have exposure in the right context. With the help of an SEO (search engine optimizing) specialist, you ensure that your business is truly visible online. By having your brand ranking highly (the top ten Google results), is basically a guarantee that customers will find your services. You can also set up campaigns through Google Ad Words, which means you pay to rank high on specific keywords. That is called working with SEM (search engine marketing).

5. “I’ll fix it myself.”

You want: Preferably do everything yourself.

What you need: More resources!

As a self-employed person, you often work too much already. Having a good marketing strategy is something that you should not neglect – and hiring a resource specifically for just this is, for sure, a must. Start small with a half time content or social media manager, that builds up a nice flow of content, posts or articles. Or perhaps hire a UX (user experience) designer that makes your website more user-friendly.

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