Why the freelancer should be part of Customersonly

With Customersonly, the consultant gets the best of both worlds – the security of large assignments combined with the freedom of running her own business.

10 great reasons – why the freelancer should be part of Customersonly

Are you a freelancer or a consultant? Then you know that choosing your own assignments gives you that feeling of freedom.
Furthermore, you can work from basically anywhere – in a café somewhere in Sweden or on a beach in Bali – after all you are your own boss.
At the same time, there is always the necessity of landing new assignments.

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Consulting and outsourcing is the modern way of working, and each month the number of inquiries from companies in need of communication services increases. At the same time, there are occasions when it for various reasons, feels good to be part of a context. With us at Customersonly, the consultant gets the best of both worlds – the security of assignments combined with the freedom of running your own business.

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#1. The right assignments

We work with the most significant marketing departments in Sweden. Consequently, we can offer assignments for creators, project and product managers, analysts, marketing tech experts – and many more. With us, you get the freedom and opportunity to work with large and challenging assignments.

#2. Good for you – and for others too

In our website, you find the assignments that are right for you. Apply for the ones that interest you. Depending on the posted assignment, the client will receive a proposal. Ahead of this you will also give your consent and hourly rates. Being part of Customersonly will get your own Consultant Agent and if you’re called for an interview, usually your Agent will be present.

#4. Saving time

We manage the administration of your assignments. You save plenty of time and can focus on what you do best. We have a complete ecosystem of digital tools for analysis, project planning, collaboration and invoicing.

#5. Administration made easier

Since both you and the client are our customers, all the administration runs through Customersonly. We charge a commission on the value of the agreement that is transparent to all parties.

#6. Safe and fair conditions

With us, you can run an individual firm (enskild firma) or an AB. Both work just as well. We don´t care about how small or big your business is. The only important parts are you and your skills.

#7. Large and fun assignments

No matter how good you are – as a freelancing consultant, it is challenging to get hired for big tasks. Since we match the right job with the right team, it is only you and your skills that decide the composition of the team. And one group can be completely different from the other. It may consist of several individual consultants, or of consultants and agencies collectively – the assignments and skills determine.

#7. Work in networks and get work buddies

When you get an assignment via Customersonly, automatically you also get access to an extensive network. You will get to know and get new work buddies – other freelancers, of course, but also employees of different agencies that you might otherwise not have met.

#8. Sharpen your skills

Big, fun assignments and new colleagues – sounds good, eh? And as with all new challenges, this is, of course, a golden opportunity for the freelancing consultant to sharpen your talents. All for you to grow in your profession.

#9. Service and support

It´s great being a free agent, but being an employee also comes with a bunch of benefits. Such as administration and billing. Some of you like this, but there are also many of us who would instead do something else with our precious time. With Customersonly you don´t have to negotiate and sign with the client – we take care of that. Instead of spending time pitching ideas and selling your work, you can use your time better – doing your actual job.

#10. Good for others – and for you

The marketing manager gains access to the right resources from across the market. The agency increases its occupancy and profitability through reduced costs in sales and administration. And you as a freelancing specialist get longer and bigger assignments with larger corporations – while we simplify your administration.

We call it win-win-win. Of course, you should join!


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