Why your agency should be part of Customersonly

Are you running or working at an agency that operates within the communication sector? Then you probably spend a significant part of your time selling, pitching and managing. At the same time, you would love to increase your profit.

Why your agency should be part of Customersonly

Digital marketing of today is complex and changes rapidly. For a marketing department to deliver with its own resources is tough. At the same time, it is equally challenging for large agencies to compete with small, agile specialist teams.

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Consequently, the agency of the future consists of “Cross-Agency Functional Teams,” which refers to teams from several agencies, equipped with the appropriate tools that realize the business goals of the client.

As marketing becomes more fragmented, the digitization also leads to an increasing degree of specialization. This is why Customersonly assist you in getting additional and more significant assignments. Our ecosystem also helps your agency to increase its occupancy and profitability through reduced costs for sales and administration.

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#1. Search for assignments.

Here on our web, the client posts the assignment while the agency uploads consultant profiles describing their orientation, skills, and offer. Customertsonly then match the client assignment with the right consultants. We are contracting parties to both client and consultant. And at a transparent fee, we handle all the administration regarding the assignment. Start by sending us a Partner Request Form. Our Agent will contact you and explain the benefits, pricing and how it works for your Agency to join the Customersonly Platform.

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#2. Reduce sales costs and focus on your core business

We act as intermediaries between the companies that need communication services and the companies that offer them. Instead of actively selling your work, the agency employees become part of our network and are matched to assignments matching their skills.

#3. Hold on to larger client accounts

When your clients request new talents it is easy for them to complement the agency team with specialist consultant. We believe that the agency of the future consists of a specialist team equipped with the right means and tools. Whether the client asks for advanced content marketing, personalized loyalty programs or virtual assistants, the group is formed to solve the requirements of the customer.

#4. No more working for free

We are strong believers in that Agencies should stop pitching for free. We do a lot of your selling and our ambition is to finalize deals without you putting any work into the pitch. Our platform also helps you to work smarter by digitizing your workflows. You just focus on what you love.

#5. Marketing Technology

With close to 7000 suppliers, we are about to create the most extensive and complete database of marketing tech in the Nordics. In our database, The client is welcome not only to evaluate the right technology but will also find the consultant to digitize and automate the work. Technology and specialists are easily found and hired in solving the digital challenges.

#6. Precise customer ROI

Our clients get access to our platform The Only Way™ consisting of a toolbox that radically enhances the marketing. Through the tools, measurability of marketing is increased and ways of working are streamlined. Great for the agency, excellent for the client.

#7. Create distinct results

Through better coordination and collaboration, the efficiency of the team improves. Besides, the administration becomes easier. Clear to you, clear to the team, clear to your client.

#8. A true networking agency

As the agency of the future consists of a team of people from several agencies in combination with specialized consultants, the skills of the agency broaden.

#9. Better business

With a more substantial inflow of assignments as well as the ownership of the presentation in our platform, the occupancy of the agency increases. You choose what to highlight in your profile. However, in order to be compliant with GDPR, it is vital that your employees themselves register and add their profiles to Customersonly. In order for you as a representant for the agency to add a profile for single consultants, you will need a written consent and also send this to us ahead of the registration.

#10. Great for everyone – and for the profit of the Agency

With us, the agency increases its occupancy and profitability through reduced costs within sales and administration. The marketing manager gets access to the right resources from across the market. And the consultant gets longer and larger assignments as part of your team.

We call it win-win-win. Of course, you should join!

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